4 survival products Navy Seals recommend

When it comes to being prepared for any type of survival situation, Navy Seals are among the elite of highly trained survivalists.

They have pushed through months and years of training, constantly testing out new gear to find the best on the market. They know survival gear better than most professions out there.

So, we left it up to the pros to tell us what the essentials are, when it comes to ultimate survival preparation.

Here are 4 survival products that Navy Seals would recommend for any type of survival situation:

1. Tactical flashlights

You need light in an emergency…That’s a given.

Most natural disasters can cause power outages so it is important that you have a top of the line flashlight handy for any type of situation.

With a nice tacti-flashi, you pump out a surge of lumens that can spot a pair of eyes from a mile a way.

Tactical flashlights are a great added security whenever you go on trips. You can keep one in your car, your bug out bag, or anywhere with quick access that you will remember in the commotion of an emergency.

2. Tactical backpacks

Great for on-the-go packs with essential gear.

Tactical backpacks are the ultimate organizers for all your gear. Designed specifically for quick access and military grade rugged material, tactical backpacks offer what a typical backpack cannot; durability.

Tactical backpacks can be used for a number of uses, ranging from hunting and fishing gear, to overnight sleeping gear, to day hiking gear, and even 72-hour survival grab-bags or bug out bags (#4 on this list).

You want to make sure you get a tactical backpack that is made out of durable material to withstand the harsh conditions nature could throw at you. Remember, when your gear gets wet, it becomes almost impossible to stay warm in colder temperatures.

3. Tactical knifes

Sharp knife, it’s a must.

Keep one in your tactical bag and vehicle at all times, you never know when you might want it, and better yet when you might need it.

Tactical knifes are very handy for odd jobs that you may need, so they must be kept in good condition and kept sharp. They can also be used as a method of self-defense, as well as hunting.

Sometimes your meal kits can be tightly packaged in tough materials and you’ll be glad you have a sharp knife to easily access your food. The last thing you want in a stressful survival situation is more stress.

4. ‘Bug out’ bags with 72-hour meal kits

Can start with a tactical backpack (#2 on this list) but the main idea of a bug out bag is the all-in-one grab back for emergency situations.

These usually include a food supply for up to 72 hours, first aid kits, emergency blankets, fire starters, and all sorts of good survival gear.

If you have your food taken care of for three days, that should give you some good time to figure out a more long term solution for food, water, and shelter.

They are pretty much meant to keep you alive for at least three days, in any given survival situation. You want to keep this in an easy access spot so you can grab them and go quickly when the time comes to put them to use.


When a natural disaster occurs, there is usually not much you can do to directly fix the damage.

You can, however, through training and keeping the right gear handy, prepare yourself to better handle any situation that could happen where your survival is in jeopardy.

This was a guest post from the tactical team at BestSurvival.org

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