4 survival products Navy Seals recommend

When it comes to being prepared for any type of survival situation, Navy Seals are among the elite of highly trained survivalists.

They have pushed through months and years of training, constantly testing out new gear to find the best on the market. They know survival gear better than most professions out there.

So, we left it up to the pros to tell us what the essentials are, when it comes to ultimate survival preparation.

Here are 4 survival products that Navy Seals would recommend for any type of survival situation:

1. Tactical flashlights

You need light in an emergency…That’s a given.

Most natural disasters can cause power outages so it is important that you have a top of the line flashlight handy for any type of situation.

With a nice tacti-flashi, you pump out a surge of lumens that can spot a pair of eyes from a mile a way.

Tactical flashlights are a great added security whenever you go on trips. You can keep one in your car, your bug out bag, or anywhere with quick access that you will remember in the commotion of an emergency.

2. Tactical backpacks

Great for on-the-go packs with essential gear.

Tactical backpacks are the ultimate organizers for all your gear. Designed specifically for quick access and military grade rugged material, tactical backpacks offer what a typical backpack cannot; durability.

Tactical backpacks can be used for a number of uses, ranging from hunting and fishing gear, to overnight sleeping gear, to day hiking gear, and even 72-hour survival grab-bags or bug out bags (#4 on this list).

You want to make sure you get a tactical backpack that is made out of durable material to withstand the harsh conditions nature could throw at you. Remember, when your gear gets wet, it becomes almost impossible to stay warm in colder temperatures.

3. Tactical knifes

Sharp knife, it’s a must.

Keep one in your tactical bag and vehicle at all times, you never know when you might want it, and better yet when you might need it.

Tactical knifes are very handy for odd jobs that you may need, so they must be kept in good condition and kept sharp. They can also be used as a method of self-defense, as well as hunting.

Sometimes your meal kits can be tightly packaged in tough materials and you’ll be glad you have a sharp knife to easily access your food. The last thing you want in a stressful survival situation is more stress.

4. ‘Bug out’ bags with 72-hour meal kits

Can start with a tactical backpack (#2 on this list) but the main idea of a bug out bag is the all-in-one grab back for emergency situations.

These usually include a food supply for up to 72 hours, first aid kits, emergency blankets, fire starters, and all sorts of good survival gear.

If you have your food taken care of for three days, that should give you some good time to figure out a more long term solution for food, water, and shelter.

They are pretty much meant to keep you alive for at least three days, in any given survival situation. You want to keep this in an easy access spot so you can grab them and go quickly when the time comes to put them to use.


When a natural disaster occurs, there is usually not much you can do to directly fix the damage.

You can, however, through training and keeping the right gear handy, prepare yourself to better handle any situation that could happen where your survival is in jeopardy.

This was a guest post from the tactical team at BestSurvival.org

5 Qualities that a Successful Military Surplus Blog Must Have

Military surplus blogs are on the rise.

People like getting military grade gear at discount prices. So how can you get a little piece of the pie?

Start a military surplus blog of course!

You can do this in three simple steps:

1- Find a military surplus distributor

2- Write articles on the items and gear

3- Build links to the articles on your site

Boom. You will have a profitable blog if you do it right.

Here are 5 tips to help your first military surplus blog be more successful:

1. Relevant Content

I talked about content earlier in regards to frequency over quality but I want to have a separate section for relevancy. Let’s say your blog is about mountains. You have blog after blog about mountains, different shapes, heights, snow covered, tree covered, the ones you’ve climbed and the ones you’d like to climb, the ones you’ve fallen off of and the ones you’ve conquered. Great.

All too often though I’ve seen blogs that are plainly focused on one subject, as it should be, yet every now and then some blog post jumps in from left field and I wonder what relevance it has to the site it’s on.

It would be like you posting a blog on your “mountains” site about the new mall that finally opened up down the street and that there are so many new stores to shop at.

Don’t just blog because you think you’re site is overdue for a post.

2. Sitemap

If you want to know where you’re going, typically you need a map.  And if you want Google to know where it’s going on your site, you should provide it with a map.

A sitemap is an xml file. Don’t worry you don’t need to know what that is.

It’s just a list of pages on your site that a search engine can easily crawl. You shouldn’t have to make one of these yourself. WordPress for example automatically makes a site map for you. But you should submit this to the search engines. Check out Google’s support page on how to submit a sitemap.

Some of the themes you might use have an automatic way of doing this as well. And if not there will always be a plugin you can get that will do this for you.

3. Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. An old adage that still holds true. (But don’t think adding an image means you don’t have to write anything)

Adding an image to your blog is almost always a good idea. It breaks up the text of your blog and engages your readers. Images create thought and imagination. And the longer someone stays on your site the better.

Your image has to be relevant to your content. This might seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve seen weird images on posts that just don’t relate.

You also have to keep the file size as small as possible. Not to the point of ruining the image but you don’t want to slow down your page load time. (More about that later)

You can use tools such as Google, of course, and Dynamic Drive for image optimization.

4. ALT Tags

Alternative. Huh? That’s what “ALT” stands for when it comes to images. In case for some reason the image doesn’t show in the browser then there is alternative text that takes it place.

As you can see, the image above is not visible. In it’s place is the ALT text: Happy Little Kitty Cat

But don’t just slough that off as not necessary. It’s importance can’t be overlooked if SEO is on your mind.

The <ALT> tag is used by search engines to glean information about your site or post. Leaving this blank is like avoiding Google’s spot light. You want to be seen!


“It is read by screen readers in place of images allowing the content and function of the image to be accessible to those with visual or certain cognitive disabilities.” webaim.org

This has nothing to do with SEO, but it’s another good reason to use the tag.

You can and probably should optimize the <ALT> tag and the images file name as well. i.e. have both of these include the keyword you’re targeting.

5. Inbound links

Also known as backlinks, this is what everybody is scrounging for. And for good reason. Getting links to your site from other sites is gold. But wait for the caveat. A while back there were all kinds of easy ways to get tons of backlinks to your site. And they were free too! Just took a little work and you could have a hundred links from other sites pointing to yours.

Search engines would have been impressed with this. Key word, and the caveat, “would have been”. You can still do this…get hundreds of inbound links to your site, but chances are, like 99.9% chance, these links will be worthless. Why?

Well it comes back to quality. If you want search engines to be impressed with the backlinks to your site, those links have to be impressive and relevant. If you’re selling socks and you get a link from an automotive warehouse…well it’s not that relevant is it? And what does an automotive supplier know about socks? Is that referral going to count for much?

However if you got a link from a shoe manufacturer, you get a little more juice.

But let me ask you this. Would a link from Nerium or Joe’s Shoe Barn mean more to Google? That’s the impressive part. Any inbound link needs to be relevant to your site and from a high quality source.

Hope you’ve learned something in this article that will help your first military surplus blog go more smoothly.

Something we missed? Have a question for the author? We’d love to read your comment 🙂


Must Have Self-Defense Tools: Use A Military-Grade Tactical Flashlight!

Long gone are the days when people used to carry traditional flashlights at night.

Today, tactical flashlights are the best for self-defense especially when walking alone at night.

Unfortunately, most people think that a tactical flashlight should always be used in conjunction with a handgun. A gun is not always the best for self-protection. A flashlight might come with more advantages than you can imagine. Furthermore, you require a license to carry a gun in most places.

What is a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight which has been designed for military or police use. Often, they are designed to be mounted on weapons for low-light shooting. These equipment are manufactured from different materials such as aerospace aluminum.

Unlike traditional flashlights, tactical flashlights are smaller in size and lighter in weight. In addition, they are resistant to impact stress as they are designed to be used with guns. Best 2016 tactical flashlight should have a good grip and anti-roll profiles so that it fits perfectly in a pocket.

Reasons why you need a tactical flashlight

x800 shadow hawk flashlight–Identifying threats
Keep in mind that most threats are afraid of light. Therefore, carrying a flashlight while walking in a murky or dark area is a good idea. For instance, you can use it to shine the back seat of your car at night before entering it.

Modern tactical flashlights are very bright. This implies that they can blind someone who is threatening you. In addition, these tools have bezel edges which are perfect for cracking a skull. Blind the enemy and use your weapon to knock him/her out.

–For emergency reasons
Power blackouts are unpredictable. Having a flashlight with you implies that you will instantly have light in your house.

–It comes in handy in weapon-banned areas

–Unlike guns, flashlights can be carried anywhere including airplanes, schools and post offices.

–They are very discreet

–Self-defense tools such as pepper spray, knives and guns will draw a lot of attention in public institutes. A flashlight will never attract any unwanted attention.

How to maneuver with a tactical flashlight

To maximize your safety when using a flashlight in the dark, you should know what steps to take. Here’s what you should do:
1) Try switching the light first if you are in a low-lit environment. Keep in mind, the more the light, the safer you are. However, if you are not close to the main switch, you should consider using your flashlight.
2) When maneuvering in a dim environment and you suspect that the attacker is nearby, you should light on, scan your surrounding for threats, light off, move to next location and repeat.
3) Never leave your flashlight on in such areas as this makes you an easy target.

How To Use A Tactical Flashlight

How you use your tactical flashlight will depend on whether you are armed or not. If you are using a gun for self-defense, you should learn how to fire and manipulate the weapon together with the flashlight. Mounting your flashlight to your gun is not very safe as you have to point your gun to object.

On the other hand, if you are unarmed, you should shine the light on the face of the threat. This will give you enough time to either engage or flee from your attacker.

There are many brands of tactical flashlights, like the x800 shadow hawk flashlight and each of them comes with limitations and benefits. To get the best flashlight, always consider its weight, size, light output, ergonomics and its water resistance capabilities.

How soldiers are losing weight with forskolin

Forskolin, a naturally-derived plant substance often used in weight loss programs, may be even more powerful than researchers thought.

And now, it seems like some military units are starting to notice as well.

In a study released this August and published by CellPress, evidence was presented showing that Forskolin is part of a mix that actually alters the activity of a cell (1).

Forskolin may have cell-altering powers.

The study, says co-author Gang Pei of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, has major implications for the future of health care. Health bloggers are starting to rave about forskolin.

The mix used in his study to alter the structure of cells was:

  • valproic acid
  • Rpsox
  • Forskolin
  • 3 other molecules with unrecognizable numbered names

When introduced to human skin cells in a lab, the mixture caused those skin cells to change into neurons. Physical traits of of the skin cells were transformed into mature neuron cells able to participate in neuron communication.

If that sounds a lot like what stem cells do, then you’re right. 

Stem cells are important because they have the potential to transform at the cellular level, too. That means they can be used to grow new cells- any type that’s needed. If we can grow new livers for people who need them, for instance, then health care will be transformed as well.

Of course the use of embryonic stem cells is highly controversial, as a natural forskolin supplier points out. That’s why other routes to this end have been pursued. One is the use of adult stem cells.

The other is molecular mixes like the one described above, of which Forskolin is a major component.

The Forskolin mix is better than other methods of transforming cells.

The traditional method scientists use for turning one type of cell into another type uses manipulation of genes. Playing with genes is tricky, however.

When gene cells are inserted into cells, there’s risk involved. The risk is that scientists will trigger a cancer-causing gene if they land the added genes on the wrong chromosome in the cell being treated and transformed (2).

Plus, the gene-insertion method is time-consuming and complex.

What this Forskolin chemical cocktail means for the future.

If you’ve heard of personalized medicine, then you’ll quickly realize the implications for the cell-altering Forskolin mix. Personalized medicine means using a patient’s own cells to treat disease.

A patient’s genetic profile is also used to prevent disease and also to diagnose disease. Doctors will in the future be able to more specifically tailor health care to each individual patient, using data from the Human Genome Project as well as the individual’s genetic profile.

As it stands, personalized medicine is certainly in its infancy stages. The use of Forskolin is promising enough that it seems safe to assume it will have a prominent role in our future health care system.


All references retrieved 10/26/2015

  1. Wenxiang Hu et al. Direct Conversion of Normal and Alzheimer’s Disease Human Fibroblasts into Neuronal Cells by Small Molecules. Cell Stem Cell. Retrieved from http://www.cell.com/cell-stem-cell/pdf/S1934-5909(15)00305-7.pdf
  2. Armitage, Hanae. Chemical treatment transforms skin cells into neurons. Science Magazine, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Retrieved from http://news.sciencemag.org/brain-behavior/2015/08/chemical-treatment-transforms-skin-cells-neurons

KETO-OS Ketones Supplement By Pruvit Helps Induce Healthy Ketosis

Keto-os Pure Therapeutic Ketones Food Supplement Review

The increasingly demanding life that we have nowadays requires that we adopt efficient advancements to help us maintain a healthy body and positive outlook. One effective way to achieve this is through increased ketone levels in the blood. In the market, there are products that promise to do this. One good example is Keto-os Pure Therapeutic Ketones from Pruvit, another company that competes in the direct selling industry.

What is Keto-os?

ketones for losing weightKeto-os or KETO//OS, which is short for Ketone Operating System, is claimed to be a revolutionary drink mix that promotes optimized energy, longevity and cellular regeneration. These are achieved through the delivery of advanced macronutrients through the use of a technology designed for proprietary ketone energy.

Keto-os is the first of its kind and at the same time a natural consumer product that primarily functions for the increase of blood ketone levels. This is from the fact that ketones are 38% better than glucose in providing energy. The amount of well documented approaches and aspects of theories and studies about ketones and weight loss is scary enough to describe so you will have to see for yourself. No matter where you source your information, ketones in the health world are just now starting to make sense and come to the forefront of health and nutrition.

What Comes in a Tub?

A regular tub of Keto-os is good for 30 servings. Inside the tub, there is already a scoop included for measured mixing. There is also a VIP version, which has 75 servings. On the company’s website, it says it costs $350.00. The price does not include yet the tax and shipping fee. For busy individuals, there are also on-the-go packets, which makes it easy to bring the supplement anywhere and anytime.

Features and Other Details

The ingredients of the drink mix are measured in the right ratio, which primarily is made with ketone mineral salts. This results to the creation of a fuel compound that is very high in energy. What is good is that consumers don’t have to worry about their diet especially if it is energy restricted. The perfectly measured ratio of ketones are engineered in such a way that the supplement s able to synthesize protein optimally. In addition, it has an MCT formulation that is fiber based, which makes it capable of sustaining nutrient energy. It also works for sustained cognition and digestive health. Another amazing ability of Keto-os is it increases good cholesterol or HDL levels.

In summary, the revolutionary drink mix is dense in energy and nutrients, fights against lipogenesis, high blood pressure, and free of insulinogenic compounds. It increases the production of ATP, efficiency of TCA cycle, and lipolysis for he utilization of energy substrate. It provides increase brain activity, neuroprotection, and ketones with sustained and elevated high energy. Lastly, it promotes high synthesis of nitrogen retention protein, yeast re-balancing in gut, enhancement of neurological efficiency, reduction of triglyceride, thermogenesis, and sustained energetics.

Feedback From Existing Users

Keto-os is a relatively new product. But even so, it has gained a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from specialists and consumers. In general, the testimonials all say that the supplement is able to give them a lot of energy, enough for them to stay energetic the whole day even when there is a lot of work to do. Closely related to this benefit is the ability of the drink mix to help them maintain focus and mental clarity. In addition, they find it amazing that they don’t have to consume the usual amount of carb and sugar they used to regularly take. They are able to have full control over their appetite. As a result, they also maintain the right body weight and shape. Others say that they don’t have to cut down significantly their consumption of carbs. As it seems, the product is really working whether a person does or does not have any restrictive diet.

Caitlin Bartsch, from Minnesota, shared that Keto-os has helped her and her husband to be more productive, focused and energetic. She cited that it is a blessing particularly at times when their children are having trouble sleeping. She is thankful and excited about the kind and quality of life they and their community can enjoy and experience in the days to come. For them, Keto-os is doing them wonders they did not thought is possible.

Ron O’Ferrall, another satisfied customer from Puyallup, Washington, said that he decided to consider Keto-os and stop the consumption of Adderall, Klonopin and Paxil, where were all prescribed to treat his severe anxiety, head trauma, aggressiveness, depression, and ADD he all acquired from his work as a US Army Ranger for special operations for five years. When had been consuming Pruvit Keto-os, he was able to control his anxiety, become more focused, and mentally and physically faster and stronger.

Pros and Cons

Apparently, Keto-os has a lot of ketone health benefits. From the nutrient content to the pricing schemes, it seems that anyone won’t have any problem with the food supplement. In the label’s nutrition facts, there is a corresponding percentage of the amount for every ingredient. Others have a specified measurement in grams and milligrams. Many specialists and experts are highly recommending the consumption of Keto-os because it suits any type of diet.

If there’s any disadvantage of the supplement, it can be the undesirable effects such as discomfort in the digestive system when taken in full amounts. There are people who have sensitive stomachs. Thus, it is suggested to consume the drink mix in smaller amounts. Then, gradually increase as the digestive system is getting used to it. If the stomach is hypersensitive, it is best to consult with the doctor before consuming the product. It is also a smart idea to research on the ingredients to determine whether you are allergic to any of them.

Who Should Buy This Product

Anyone who needs higher energy for the many tasks and activities that need to be accomplished, Pruvit Keto-os pure therapeutic ketones food supplement is highly recommended. In particular, people who have problems about focus, physical drive, mental alertness, and illnesses such as anxiety and depression can also greatly benefit from the product.


Pruvit Keto-os is a scientifically researched and engineered energy food supplement. It ha very little undesirable impact on one’s body and overall health. Thus, anyone won’t have a serious problem when consuming it.