Must Have Self-Defense Tools: Use A Military-Grade Tactical Flashlight!

Long gone are the days when people used to carry traditional flashlights at night.

Today, tactical flashlights are the best for self-defense especially when walking alone at night.

Unfortunately, most people think that a tactical flashlight should always be used in conjunction with a handgun. A gun is not always the best for self-protection. A flashlight might come with more advantages than you can imagine. Furthermore, you require a license to carry a gun in most places.

What is a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is a flashlight which has been designed for military or police use. Often, they are designed to be mounted on weapons for low-light shooting. These equipment are manufactured from different materials such as aerospace aluminum.

Unlike traditional flashlights, tactical flashlights are smaller in size and lighter in weight. In addition, they are resistant to impact stress as they are designed to be used with guns. Best 2016 tactical flashlight should have a good grip and anti-roll profiles so that it fits perfectly in a pocket.

Reasons why you need a tactical flashlight

x800 shadow hawk flashlight–Identifying threats
Keep in mind that most threats are afraid of light. Therefore, carrying a flashlight while walking in a murky or dark area is a good idea. For instance, you can use it to shine the back seat of your car at night before entering it.

Modern tactical flashlights are very bright. This implies that they can blind someone who is threatening you. In addition, these tools have bezel edges which are perfect for cracking a skull. Blind the enemy and use your weapon to knock him/her out.

–For emergency reasons
Power blackouts are unpredictable. Having a flashlight with you implies that you will instantly have light in your house.

–It comes in handy in weapon-banned areas

–Unlike guns, flashlights can be carried anywhere including airplanes, schools and post offices.

–They are very discreet

–Self-defense tools such as pepper spray, knives and guns will draw a lot of attention in public institutes. A flashlight will never attract any unwanted attention.

How to maneuver with a tactical flashlight

To maximize your safety when using a flashlight in the dark, you should know what steps to take. Here’s what you should do:
1) Try switching the light first if you are in a low-lit environment. Keep in mind, the more the light, the safer you are. However, if you are not close to the main switch, you should consider using your flashlight.
2) When maneuvering in a dim environment and you suspect that the attacker is nearby, you should light on, scan your surrounding for threats, light off, move to next location and repeat.
3) Never leave your flashlight on in such areas as this makes you an easy target.

How To Use A Tactical Flashlight

How you use your tactical flashlight will depend on whether you are armed or not. If you are using a gun for self-defense, you should learn how to fire and manipulate the weapon together with the flashlight. Mounting your flashlight to your gun is not very safe as you have to point your gun to object.

On the other hand, if you are unarmed, you should shine the light on the face of the threat. This will give you enough time to either engage or flee from your attacker.

There are many brands of tactical flashlights, like the x800 shadow hawk flashlight and each of them comes with limitations and benefits. To get the best flashlight, always consider its weight, size, light output, ergonomics and its water resistance capabilities.

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